Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Life Update Feb 2020

I had made an IG post saying I wasn't going to make any New Year's resolutions but I did low key set some goals for myself.  One of them being to really get busy with this BLOG because I genuinely enjoy blogging and I want to take it to the next level.  January 1st I was super motivated and I woke up early and I read the Bible, I journaled, I even did a little yoga - I felt great.  Then it went down hill from there.  I haven't been feeling well, overall I haven't been feeling like myself.  I had a birthday but I did't have the energy or motivation to "celebrate" so I spent it in bed watching TV.  Maybe about a week after that I went to the ER and they considered admitting me, thank god they didn't.  A month later I'm still not better and with that being said I drag myself to work, I come home, make sure the hubs is ok and I take my ass to bed.  I'm not inspired or motivated.  Today I went to the doctor and he figured out the issue so hopefully *fingers crossed* I can start feeling like myself again.  

Hubby Update:  He hasn't been feeling well either and was hospitalized a few weeks ago.  I stood with him at the hospital like I always do and that's never easy, imagine doing so while not feeling well.  ROUGH AF!!!  He's home now and doing well thank god!  2020 didn't start out the way I had planned but things will get better and we will get back on our grind 💪

his hospital bed turns into our bed and the doctors often laugh at us when they find us like this


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