Monday, September 11, 2023

Trip To Spain

I went topless! It's been on my bucket list for a really long time but I could never get myself to do it. What better place to do so than Ibiza tho - right?! It was brief but it was major for me because I'm not comfortable with my self let alone out in public but it was liberating. No one cares out there, it's normal for them. I let all the chichos hang out. YOLO!!

I'm back!! I'm working on my lack of consistency - I promise. Mental health and life has been taking over and in turn has been draining me. Mental / emotional drain just prevents you from basically functioning, but let's move on from that topic because this isn't what I want this post to be.

A few weeks ago I traveled. I WENT TO SPAIN and PORTUGAL!! Such a beautiful place, the old Spanish style buildings, the views, IBIZA ahah take me back lol. I must say this trip hit me different. I was sick for most of it (still don't feel 100 yet) but I still enjoyed or at least I tried to. Then my ankle got messed up so I was limping the entire trip, I'm still limping weeks after the fact. Not sure what is wrong with it but I'm self diagnosing and I'm going to assume it's my Achilles. Too much walking perhaps and if you know me then you know I don't move much (also working on becoming more physical). I met new people and we all vibed and it was great. Again, stepping out of my comfort zone and dealing with my social anxiety, the process has gotten easier for me and I'm much more comfortable around new people. I still think I'm socially awkward at times tho lol.

Here is a list of the places we visited:
  • Portugal - If you ever plan to visit please TAKE SNEAKERS, you'll be walking a lot especially if you're planning on exploring. The hills are steep and the streets are mainly cobblestone. For the night life definitely go to Pink Street. We did go to a club called LuxFragil but the vibe was weird, not in a bad way but just weird so we didn't stay long. I urge you to read the reviews!! 
  • Malaga - known for their beaches but honestly I wasn't impressed. Very rocky so take your water shoes. On the 2nd day we went to a different section of the beach where mainly locals go and that day was my favorite. There was a hippy vibe - nudity, weed and just super laid back chill people. I was told a couple was getting it on but I didn't see that, it was too dark at that point. 
  • Valencia - where the Paella originated and it didn't disappointed. DELISH! 
  • Seville - BEAUTIFUL but extremely hot. So much to see there. We chose to see a Flamenco show, definitely a must.
  • Madrid - we didn't do much there, it was our last stop so we mainly just chilled. We visited the bank where Money Heist was filmed. My friends partied at night but I chose to stay in and rest. Oh and we shopped! The Euro was almost equal to the dollar and we ran to the designer shops and splurged.  
  • Barcelona - traumatized lol. We went to a Bull Fight and never again. I/we had no idea it was going to be so gruesome. Bloody torture in every literal sense. Also, beware they're known for pick pocketers so please watch your surrounding at all times. Be smart about what you carry and how you carry your bags. 
  • Ibiza - a must. Known for the party life but their beach was my favorite. We went to Cala Conta Beach. So beautful! We went to a pool party at O Beach, that was fun. Then we had to experience the hottest club so we went to Hii Ibiza. It was lit but very crowded, the place was huge with different rooms each playing different music. There was even a DJ in the bathroom. I can see myself visiting Ibiza again for a quick party weekend.
Here are some pictures in no particular order. I have so many, I wish I could post them all. You can also visit my IG page to see more.


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