Sunday, January 29, 2023

2022 Its been real

Hiiii everyone! Hope all is well, I know it’s been some time but I had decided to take some time to myself. I devoted 2022 to traveling and healing and in the process I gained

so much more. I had to move from a place that I once called home but later became unsafe. I learned lessons, gained new experiences, made new friends, developed confidence where I lacked, and so much more. I surrounded myself with strong independent women all from whom I learned something from, each one taught me lessons that I will forever carry with me. I’d like to say that 2022 was the year of not only lessons but of elevating and romanticizing myself especially since moving. I'm loving my space, I'm at peace and I'm happy. I'm soooo grateful for those whom helped me, I'm a very prideful person and I tend to refuse help but I had no choice but to put my pride aside and allow people to be there for me and that was hard but damnit what would I have done without you ladies. Not sure if they will read this but just in case I LOVE YOU ALL so much!! I won't mention names but you girls know who you are. I urge everyone to surround yourself with people that genuinely want to see you grow and glow, people that fill you with positivity. 

So, if you follow me on IG then you know where I have been, today I'll post pictures from Vegas. You guys know I went to Mexico in January 2022 for my birthday, shortly after I went to Las Vegas then the move happened and I sort of fell off lol but I'm back. A few people expected me to blog while traveling and although a little bit of me regrets not doing so I'm also glad that I didn't because I enjoyed each moment, I was present. Sometimes we lose special moments because we're too busy snapping pics of something else. I must say my friends took some pretty nice pics of me so that was good. My goal for 2023 is to be consistent with my posts on all my platforms but especially blogging (how many times haven't ya'll heard me say that lol) but I plan too stick around, it feels different this time besides, I missed it here. Now that I have a new routine I realized something was missing, I missed being creative. I learned that I'm so happy when I'm creating any thing or doing something simple like playing with makeup which was my first love. Now that I'm playing around again it's like so much has changed from products to techniques, to how the blogging world works etc. Honestly, I feel lost but practice makes perfect and I'll be rolling right with the rest of'em in no time. 

Well, I said I didn't want my first post to be long lol and yet here I am still typing lol, but I'm going to end it here.

Thank you 💖

I was sooooo excited to try In n Out burger and it did not disappoint

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