Wednesday, July 10, 2019


A cross between comfy and sporty 

Yes momma has some rolls 😂

I never thought I’d be shopping on Amazon for clothes. Last year I bought one of my favorite bathing suits from there and I’ve been hooked ever since. They have so many styles of clothes that are fitting for every one and of every body type and very inexpensive.  I recently purchased this dress and I love it. It’s comfortable and true to size!  I was surprised at how well it fits me! I’m not sure if this dress is meant to be versatile but I’ve worn this it 2 different ways.  First set of pics I wore this dress to a BBQ.  It’s light, comfy, sporty and of course summery.  I would also wear this with some biker shorts underneath and some sneakers for a different look.  2nd set of pics I decided to style the dress differently.  I tied a small knot and wore ripped jeans for a more “stylish” look and off to a brunch date with my friends I went.  Stylish, a lil edgie yet comfortable.  This dress comes in several different colors, I might buy another one, maybe red.  If you haven't shopped for clothes on AMAZON I suggest you give it a try.  

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