Monday, July 8, 2019

I Am A Gardener Now

I harvested this arugula from my garden.  It's such a wonderful feeling eating what you grow.  

Cutting mint for my water

If you follow me on IG then you've seen this buddha in my living-room.  Once I moved I new I was gonna put him in the garden surrounded by some flowers and spotlights.  I'm in love with this view!!!

Soooo pretty!!!

A chill day consists of the above 

My favorite!  I've harvested several strawberries, they're tiny but delish!

Tiny cucumber!  Unfort this baby didn't make it due to not being pollinated.  I have no pollinators in my garden with the exception of 1 bumble bee that I occasionally see every so often.  So I'm pollinating manually.  Wish me luck!!!

Some Italian and curly parsley I harvested so far

Eggplant blossoms are so pretty

Red beef steak tomatoes coming through

Green bell pepper

Aaahhhh this yellow cherry tomato plant really surprised me.  At first it did not grow, at all!!!  I was contemplating on just ripping it out the ground and disposing of this plant BUT something told me not too.  I continued to water it and fertilize it with absolutely no expectations.  Here we are, 7 tomatoes later.  Now lets see if they actually ripen.  

hot peppers

A baby zucchini - how cute

Really wasn't expecting this to grow but it is doing very well.  Yellow and green zucchini, hot and sweet peppers, and onions hiding in the back.  This little area here was the experimentation.  I had extra plants / seeds so I decided to plant them here.  Again, with no expectations but I'm surprised yet again with how much this has grown and continues to grow.    This is where I went wrong, I planted too much too close together but again its doing well.  Probably better than my garden bed.  I have blueberries in the pot and strawberries hanging and the struggling yellow tomato plant to the upper right.  

Cilantro and more strawberries to the upper left.

Garden bed which has been growing out of control.  There are 2 plants I didn't plant growing a voluntary tomato and pepper plants.  Is that what they call a volunteer plant?  The tomato plant to the upper right is taller than me.  Please note it had heavily rained so some of the leaves look wilted but they're not, they're just drenched.   

Writing this as I sit at the salon with jet black dye on my hair.  I should be relaxing while this dye soaks in and gives me the illusion of a “younger” me.  Instead I decided to type this post really quick.  Where have I been?  Well - I’ve been working and focusing most of my time in the yard  / garden.  I never thought I’d actually grow anything besides the herbs I’ve always grown at home but a simple task turned into a full on garden with several veggies and fruits.  It is such a physically exhausting task since not only was I trying to start this garden but also trying to fix the yard.  It has been “abandoned” since my mom passed away.  As exhausting as it is, it is also very rewarding.  It’s been a little over a month but to see the transformation that has taken place thus far has been amazing!   So far I’ve harvested strawberries, arugula and mint.  I truly can’t wait until everything is ready!  Lately I can’t wait to run home after work to check what awaits me and on the weekends I can’t wait to get up, make my coffee and run to the garden.  As I sip my coffee I walk around and do my inpections and plan what has to be done for the day.  I never expected this to be the place I want to spend most of my time.  Yes, like I mentioned it’s exhausting YET so mentally relaxing / therapeutic. 

So, as some of you know, this is my very first garden, my first time growing fruits / veggies.  I decided to do both a garden bed and earth.  My mom and step-dad did this often (pots and earth) and they’re the ones that encouraged me to do it. With that being said as things progress I can already see where I went wrong, what I’d do differently, what isn’t working and what I won’t attempt to grow next year.   I’m currently planning what fall crops to plant - pumpkin for sure!!!   Needless to say I’m excited and hopeful for a successful harvest.  I invite you to embark on this journey and I’m even open to suggestions / advice. 

As always - THANK YOU!

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