Saturday, July 27, 2019

My Happy Place - The Garden

The right tools make a difference

So here I am again with another garden post.  Let me apologize in advance because this may be extremely boring to some but to me, for right now, it's MY HAPPY PLACE.

Every day there's something new, it's sort of like tiny miracles that happen in the garden daily.  It amazes how drastically things change literally overnight ESPECIALLY when it rains.  It makes me happy to know that although it is my first time gardening things have turned out way better than I expected.  As stated in my other gardening post (I'm A Gardener Now), I pride myself in knowing I DID THIS.  I've created this little garden, loved it, nurtured it and in turn it's giving back to me.  Don't get me wrong this is / was no easy task but I DID IT.  I try to fertilize every 2 weeks and I "try" to water daily.  Vacations?  Weekend getaways, ehhhh, better find a garden-sitter lol, gardening is a commitment.  Next time I'll do things a little different, I've made some mistakes but who doesn't, even the most experienced person makes mistakes so if you try this and things don't go accordingly its ok, don't give up.  This as with all things is a learning process.  My mistake:  I planted too much within a small space so that's one thing I'll for sure do different next year.  I underestimated how big some plants can get, so they compete for space.  Some of the stuff in my garden I've started from seeds, others I bought as seedlings.  How you start your garden is completely up to you.

**I bought my supplies from Home Depot and Amazon and most of my seedlings are from BURPEE SEEDS AND PLANTS  and BONNIE PLANTS**

I posted more pictures, some from the very beginning and some of which you've probably seen.  I even posted a video on my IG stories so you can see in greater depth the progress.  Follow if you aren't already @NYCLIFEANDGLAM

Again, I'm not an expert but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

So this crazy BUT functional looking gate the husband built in order to keep the raccoons and cats away.  We didn't feel like spending any more money on the garden so he built this using chicken wire and spare closet pieces.  YES, closet material.  Sometimes you have to use what you already have and use your imagination.  Pretty cool huh.

I completely lost my yellow zucchini.  1 plant the husband killed by accident and the other simply had root rot.

This blessing gives new meaning to "fruits of my labor" ha ha

Sunflower seeds, please watch the video to see how big they've gotten

Gardening / yard work is very physically demanding and it is a great work out

Most of my herbs I start from seed

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