Thursday, January 3, 2019

Moving on up...

Sorry for the lack of posts!  I’ve been busy.  

HUBBY UPDATE:  For those that read to find out how the husband is doing let me just say he is doing very well, I often tell people “he’s doing better than ME” and I really feel he is lol.  He has this strength and energy, I often wonder how the hell he does it, I get tired just by watching him.  With that being said he has his "crash" days as he calls them where he'll just sleep literally the entire day.  I’m so grateful though, such a huge difference compared to how he was last year and therefore the holidays were a little extra special for us.  To all that send us well wishes and pray for us THANK YOU!   Your prayers are working!!

So, we finally moved!  I will never understand how people move every couple of years.  I don’t ever want to move again, it is so exhausting, mind you I didn’t take any of my furniture and still it was a lot - 17 years’ worth of stuff.  I finally moved out of my very first apartment, crazy how I moved into that apartment with nothing at all except some childhood memories and a few shopping bags full of clothes.  A few weeks later we were gifted a black and white TV and a small cot (smaller than a twin size bed), about 1 month later 2 cats moved in w/ us, all four of us slept on that little cot and we couldn’t be happier.  I had a love hate relationship with that apartment and it was bittersweet leaving,  I left tons of good and bad memories behind but I look forward to what the future holds in this new home.  I moved into the home my mother left me after she passed away and after 3 years after her passing I finally moved in.  It was always hard going back to the house, just passing by that block gave me anxiety!  My mother would always tell me “that’s your house, everything I’m doing is for you, I need to make sure that you’re taken care of after I’m gone”, I never wanted the house!  I never understood why she'd think I wouldn't be "ok" and I would fight w/ her about it, she’d always say “que pendeja tu eres” and walk away lmfao but I get it now and I thank her every morning upon starting my day.  Hopefully I don’t sound crazy when I say this but I felt in my heart my mom wasn’t happy that I hadn’t moved in, she wasn’t happy when I rented it but the first week I moved in I felt her in my room watching over us happy that we were there and I could almost hear her say she’s happy with what I’ve done with the house.  I guess the timing was right, I moved when I was supposed to, I’m finally comfortable there.  God bless my husband for taking the initiative and getting it painted and upgraded to my liking (he added some surprises for me too) because I honestly don’t think I would have done it on my own.  I / we are working hard to make it “our home” and although I was extremely hesitant at first I did enjoy picking the paint color and directing how I wanted it done, I'm enjoying the decorating process.  I always received compliments on my apartment but it really didn't have my "touch" which I'll explain why in another post.  It’s been a few weeks since I officially moved so there’s still a ton to be done, a ton to buy but I have to say its getting easier, it’s all coming together.   My husband even commented on how different it feels and looks and that made me smile.  I will go into further detail on the colors I chose, furniture and what small upgrades we made in another post.  I had planned to blog / vlog the entire process but it was just way too much and didn’t get to do it BUT stay tuned because I plan on posting A LOT of home d├ęcor stuff and now that I have a yard and a new background I can post #OOTDs. 

I posted random pictures which some of you may have already seen on Instagram.  Also, I apologize in advance, the quality of these pics suck.  

Holiday Party

I only put up 1 tree in the past, really didn't want to put one this year but the Mr wanted one and ironically I found one in our basement so up it went and I loved it.  Please see my Instagram for a mini tree vid.

We finally made it to Manhattan.  We took a stroll around the city, had dinner and enjoyed the holiday festivities on a rainy night.  It was perfect.

Christmas Eve

Can you tell which side of the bed belongs to who - ha ha

I absolutely love my bedroom, its so girly and glam, thankfully he loves it too

New Year's Eve 

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