Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rainy Day Chic

Looks like this will be my last Fall post, it snowed today here in NYC.  I haven’t been able to fully enjoy Fall and the gorgeous foliage this time of year blesses us with.  Snow, although beautiful can be quite messy and being from NYC the commute can be quite a nightmare.  Normally it takes me 10-15 minutes from work to home but today was horrific!  It took me 2.5 hrs, there was so much traffic and many accidents.  We were not ready as we were not expecting all this snow.  Not one plow truck or salt truck.  I am beyond tired and annoyed YET grateful that I made it home safe.

This was Tuesdays outfit:  I wore this cute trench coat since it was raining and I received many compliments on it.  I bought it at Nordstrom last year, I’m not sure if they still sell it but they have a ton of similar ones.  There’s something about a nice trench coat that makes your outfit very chic.


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