Sunday, January 6, 2019

No Patience

Confession:  My expectations were not realistic!!!  

I set a date where everything here would be completed excluding the basement because I know that is a whole other grueling project.  Spring is right around the corner then the yard will be another project.  I thought I was going to be completely unpacked and settled in by New Year's Day, it didn't happen.  Yesterday I lost my cool to say the least meaning this entire process is taking a toll on me.  My current headache right now is my office / dressing room which is where all my boxes and storage bins are.  This room is giving me the most trouble to complete start, correction made because I barely started working on this room.    Yesterday we went to IKEA to buy my dresser and desk, of course no dresser SOLD OUT!  WHAT?!!!  IKEA doesn't have an item 😒 since when?  This is the part where I take it personally and say the universe is against me ha ha but really.  I opted to have it delivered tho, more waiting like this....


Between this and work I literally have no time for personal care - mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  I know patience is of virtue and all great things take time - I get it.  I just wish this process was a little faster.  I still have so much to do.  Curtains, wall decor, etc etc, this has been such an expensive AND time consuming process which I know in due time will be worth it but until then expect me to be a little more stressed, a little more grey 👵 a little more broke - HA!!  

This is the dresser we got.  I really wanted the 12 drawer because I know I could use the space but the Mr mentioned the 12 drawer may be a bit too high and may not be practical to display my perfumes / crystals. 
I originally didn't plan on getting this desk but it made sense to get.  It's big and we both get our own work space which we need, I'm neat and he's a bit more uummmm scattered.  Our set up is slightly different which you'll get to see in another post.  We put it together last night but so far its perfect!  I wish IKEA sold the glass to put on top for easy cleaning.  

This time around I'm going with white and mirror furniture.  Most of my furniture in the apartment was dark / black which I think at times wasn't good for our mood.  Colors play a role with energy and mood and I'm leaving the dark behind and inviting pure, positive and glam vibes into our home. 

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