Monday, April 23, 2018

Best Friend Tingz

Hello beautiful people!

Roof Top Views

Quick hubby update:
He's doing pretty good.  Not 100% but definitely better AND he's looking pretty good too.  He recently celebrated a birthday and I along with his parents took him to the movies, dinner then Cheesecake Factory for dessert.  It was a great day and I'm extremely grateful.  I spent some time praying on it - all I wanted was for him to have a descent birthday and I'm happy we were granted that.  Prior to his birthday he mentioned to me that he had a feeling he was going to spend his birthday in the hospital.  God is great tho!!

 I fell in love with this sweater.  Not something he'd normally wear but he loved it and he looked great in it

he looked and felt good

In other news tho, yesterday was a great day - I spent the day with my BFF.  She's going to be happy she is FINALLY making a guest appearance on my blog and she doesn't know it yet - ha ha!!  It's not often we spend time due to my current situation but when we do its always fun.  My circle is small and honestly my closest friends are the ones I've grown up with since elementary / JHS but this chica right here snuck her way in LOL.  We share similar pasts, we have the same sick sense of humor, we laugh and cry together, she has a heart of gold and I appreciate her.  Anyway, we went to the spa which will remain nameless because they're a "no camera facility" so with that being said I'm posting these pics but shhhhh LOL.
(pics taken with my phone so excuse the poor quality)  

en route to the spa via uber where the drinking started

waiting for our facials

hot tub / jacuzzi fun

worst behavior swimsuit from FES

lunch time

I had tofu and brown rice while she had,

she really fell asleep in the meditation room

chromatherapy / sauna

another sauna and this was the hottest

gold room - sauna

a lil jacuzzi action

I honestly loved this room - Igloo Room aka ice box lol

sleeping room

Sick of us yet?!  LOL
Thank you for reading!!


Anonymous said...

I finally made it..... yasssssss!!!!!! I love you and yes ot was an awesome time... cant wait for OUR next blog post LOL!

NYC Life and Glam said...

yes - soon lol

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