Wednesday, August 7, 2019

GRWM 8-3-19

Makeup vids have become so foreign to me but this weekend I felt inspired to record, on my phone but hey.  Makeup isn't something I have much time for, the motivation isn't there but sometimes I have to remember makeup was my first love.  Since kindergarten, back when I'd steal my mom's lipstick and apply it at school.  I was way too advanced but I remember I'd always enjoy watching my mother apply makeup before going out.  She's also dye her hair jet black, actually, it was blue black by Nice & Easy, funny how I once thought black hair was boring but that's all I do now - Jet Black. Ha, I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree.  My mom was the makeup queen so much so she eventually got it tattooed and her BFF was the skin care queen, the perfect duo.  My teachers and my inspiration!!  I remember my mom's BFF (Wanda) telling me to ALWAYS take care of my skin, and I did!  Always have and I always will.  Ha, random memory just popped into my head;  I remember applying bright red lipstick on my little bro.  Good times!  With that being said makeup is art to me, a form of expression.  Gone are the days when you wouldn't catch me without eyeliner or red lipstick.  Still my favorite lip color btw!  Times have changed tho.  But this weekend I applied some and I was in my zone.  I didn't do much but its amazing how little one can apply but how big the impact, it makes me feel pretty, put together, its my "me time", sort of like a meditation where nothing exists except me at that present moment.  

Here's the video, not the best quality but who's judging lol - right? 

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