Monday, August 26, 2019


What a gorgeous weekend we had.  I hope every one of you had a blessed one – I definitely did.  I’m trying to make the best of my days, before the cold arrives.  Saturday I had a dentist appointment, I hate the dentist but we all know how important it is so I’m in there every 3 months for my deep cleanings.  Oh I had an extraction – UGH!!!  I swear I was not getting numb, I felt everything and they "tried" numb me several times but nope it didn’t work. Or I thought it didn’t lol!!!!  I’m sure they hate me there because I’m the biggest baby.  They have to do all they can to calm me and that entails – putting lavender oil on me, giving me a beanie to squeeze and headphones to blast some relaxing music.  Does it really help?  Eeeehh, I guess but I still tense and move and complain lol.  I guess it’s all mental – or is it?  Do ya’ll get like that too?  After the dentist I felt fine enough to go to Target for ONE THING cashed out with a shopping cart full of stuff.  Please tell me if you can walk in there for one thing and actually walk out with just ONE thing!  I have yet too, ha ha!!  Sunday the weather was AMAZING so we decided spend the day in Manhattan.  We went to the movies and decided to go to the Sugar Factory for dinner which we didn’t enjoy.  I’m sorry but I can’t recommend it to anyone.  The drinks are ok, they’re very sweet but they make it exciting with the smoke (dry ice) but the food sucks.  If you happen to be at Atlantic City definitely check out the Sugar Factory there, it’s so much better.  While walking around the city I decided to have a little photo shoot so all photos are courtesy of the hubs.  I’m so happy I have a long weekend coming up and although I have no plans as of yet I’m just happy to not be at work.  Who doesn't love a day off?!

Quick general update:
Garden isn’t “thriving” anymore, things are reaching their peak.  I actually uprooted some plants and it was sad.  My gardening season flew by, I will miss it.  I considered doing some Fall gardening but decided that I’m not going to do it.  I need a little rest.  I planted so much and being that it was my first garden it was exhausting, I literally gave it my all.  Since Fall is my favorite season I’ve decided to focus on the house again.  I just wanna enjoy FALL.  Speaking of house I took a break from decor and fixing up but the hubs started with the house work again.  We finally organized the basement as best as we could.  He painted parts of the basement and stairway.  I've been organizing draws, closets and ended up throwing away a lot.  As for decor I plan on going all out, pumpkins galore lol, having a house to decorate is a whole knew world for me. I always decorated my apartment but it was just too small so I was limited to what I could do.  Can I start decorating or is it too early??  I'm ready AF!!!  Although my crops are slowing down my sunflowers are doing great!!!  I planted a different variety of Sunflowers they're called Autumn Beauty Sunflowers, they're so beautiful, I'm in love.  I planted a total of 14 flowers total but the hubs accidentally killed 2, so far only 2 fully blossomed, I'm patiently for the rest to do so.  

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