Tuesday, April 9, 2019

New Hair

Top from NY&CO

 Blessings to all!  
I'm still not feeling 100% - CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!  Tomorrow I have an appointment so hopefully they have answers and a solution to helping me feel "normal" again.  Not much of an update on my end.  The pictures above are from my nephews baptism - my 5th god-child.  God didn't give me my own babies but he blessed me with plenty of nieces and nephews whom I adore to death.  I wish I had more of an update but I honestly just been too sick to do much.  The house continues to come along, we're super proud with the progress.  I keep saying I'm going to post pictures and haven't  BUT I will - I PROMISE! 

TIP:  Never EVER let just anyone cut your hair.  Several months back I went to the salon I've been going to for years and my girl, my hair dresser was on vacation but I was in desperate need of a hair cut and so I allowed someone I've never been too to cut it.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  This lady cut my hair unevenly, I mean she started my bang in the middle of my head.  Now I'm going to a new salon since my move and we're trying to fix this hair and fixing entails cutting layers and trimming every so often.  In the meantime I like my "new" hair cut.  Only con as of now is that some parts are really short and its hard for me to do my every day bun.  Pro is I'm forced to do my hair lol.          

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