Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WTF Retrograde

Tee  //  Camo Pants  //  Sneakers  //  Clutch

OMG!!  The last 2 days have been absolutely NUTS!  Everyone has been on a 1000, people have been so damn rude, attitudes every where, computers at work have been wacky.  2 more days of retrograde.  Then it'll be over, back to normal - HOPEFULLY!

Anywho, how was your weekend?  Do anything fun / interesting?  Sunday, the Mr and I went to the movies, we saw 2 movies and had dinner.  We saw Us and Capt Marvel, they both were pretty good, I'm not a comics type of chick but the Mr is converting and explaining the history to me, it's all making sense to me now.  Saturday I really didn't do anything, I'm not feeling 100 yet so I relaxed and did some laundry.  I wanted to record another clean with me video but the energy just wasn't there.  I'm so tired of feeling sick.  Tired of hurting but we're working on figuring out WTF is wrong with me.  Every one is blaming old age and I laugh and go along but no, this is different. 
Sunday gave me an excuse to get "cute" dressed comfy but threw on some makeup.  I'm rusty AF!  Gone are the days when I could do a winged liner with no prob but I did the damn thing and I was feel'n myself until I felt my lids sticking together.  I had used a new liner - Fenty Flyliner.  I've used it once before but it did not transfer the way it did on Sunday.  I'm so disappointed.  My lids felt really sticky and no matter how many times I cleaned my lids it just kept transferring.  I don't know why it did this, I did nothing different than what I normally do when wearing eye makeup.  I'll give it one more try if not then back to my Kat Von D tattoo liner

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