Monday, January 21, 2019


THANK YOU to all that reached out to send me birthday wishes!  XOXO 😘

My day started with breakfast in bed which I was very grateful for.  Later he demanded that I go into the office to get him his laptop.  When I opened the door there were balloons and a gift on my desk, I was surprised 😀.  The only thing I really wanted was balloons lol, why, I don't know but that's all I asked for.  I didn't even know he got them so yeah I was very surprised, everything else was the cherry on top.  In the evening he took me to see King Kong on broadway.  OMG I've seen several shows but the special FX on this show was the best by far. AMAZING!  Go see it if you haven't!!!  Afterwards, we went to Victor's Cafe which conveniently was around the corner from the theater.  It's a nice cuban restaurant and we try to go when we're in the area.  Actually we were there 2 years ago for my birthday and if I remember correctly I wrote about it.

I honestly could not have asked for a better day.  It was nice and chill.  I think as you get older and when you're in the situation I'm in turning up just isn't important.  I'm happy with minimal and I've learned to appreciate the small things, I just don't take anything for granted.  I'm especially grateful to have shared my birthday with the hubby.  If you don't know why please see last years post - My 40th Birthday.  Having him around is a true blessing, I would have been extremely happy had I spent my day at home with him watching tv.  He wouldn't allow that tho, he said he has to "make it up" to me.  Silly him!  If he only knew that he already made it up by being here, with me.


Forever grateful to this guy (my hubby) for always ensuring that I'm good & happy

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