Sunday, October 7, 2018

October Boob Check

I wanted to post a quick update and being that October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month I figured why not make a post about my recent mammogram. 

A few weeks ago I went to see my gynecologist for my annual visit.  We all know how much fun those visits are - right? *rolls eyes / sarcasm*
Anyways, so he acknowledged the fact that I hit a milestone this year, the big 4 0.  He said it’s time to incorporate mammograms as part of my check-ups.  My initial reaction was ummmmm no, I’m too young!  The Mr was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32 and there are thousands of young women battling breast cancer so I didn’t argue.  Better safe than sorry!  So, last Saturday I went, honestly it was no biggie!  This wasn’t my first but it was easier than the first.  Back in 2001 my GYN doctor felt a lump on my right breast and suggested I get it checked out.  It was nothing - thank god!  I was told I have lumpy breast 😒 nothing to worry about according to the doctor.  I remember my first mammo being so painful, literally it felt like my boob was going to explode from being squashed so hard!  I dreaded last weeks visit!  Surprisingly tho it was NOT bad at all!!!  The tech that did my exam was so gentle and although it wasn’t a pleasant or comfortable experience it did not hurt!  

Please don’t be afraid or hesitate to get your boobies checked. I can not express the importance of early detection, it can literally save your life.  I self check my boobs (or try too) every month usually after my menstrual cycle. Feel your boobs, know what they feel like so that when something is abnormal you’re able to tell the difference.  Know your body as a whole!!!  Seriously, know every inch of your body, explore.  Find out what is normal, what feels good and what doesn't.  I could go on and on AND on with this topic but I'll end it here because this will quickly turn into something else.

After my appointment we took a stroll through Central Park.  It was such a beautiful day, perfection to say the least.  Felt like a Spring day, mind you its Fall.  Mother nature is playing games with us again, I'm not complaining tho.  If only the temperature could stay 65-75 degrees permanently.  Wishful thinking ha ha!  

UPDATE 10/8/18:  Received a call and my exam came back abnormal.  They see something in my left breast. Scared is an understatement but remaining hopeful!  Trying to convince myself it’s just a repeat of the last time.   

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