Sunday Funday at the MET

What a good, productive, rainy Sunday.  I normally like to stay home on Sundays to pamper myself and mentally prepare for the next day - Monday Madness.  We made a last minute decision to go to the Metropolitan Museum.  I mainly wanted to see the Heavenly Bodies exhibition which was amazing but we walked around and looked at other exhibitions throughout the museum.  I forgot how much I enjoyed this place.  My favorites are the African and Greek exhibitions.  I loved Greek Mythology in school so it was nostalgic so see certain sculptures of the gods and goddesses and actually remember who they were.  I'm curious to know if they still teach Mythology in school.  Anyone know?  We later had brunch at the restaurant at the MET overlooking Central Park.  Sitting by the window, watching the rain just gave it a peaceful and relaxing ambiance.  I truly CAN NOT wait to go back!  I already have my eye on another exhibition - Obsession (nudes) and Art of Native America.     

I'm attaching a few photos of my favorites along with my OOTD.

T-Shirt  // White Jeans  // Sneakers


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