Thursday, August 2, 2018

July Favorites 2018

Guess who's home - sick day?  
*raises hand*

I haven't been feeling well so I decided to stay home, As I sip my tea I'm thinking to myself "wow, its August already?  Damn!".  But then again we say this all the time - right?!

While I was in bed it hit me that today would be a good day to post about some of my current favorites.  I'm trying to slowly get back into the swing of things.  I've been trying new products and reusing some old loves.  Here is a small list of what I've been using and loving.

Super Stay Matte Ink really is "super stay".  Literally does not come off unless I use an oil based makeup remover.  It does tend to feel a bit sticky but trust me when I say it does not come off it really doesn't!  Great for a dinner date or a major make out session - ha ha ha!!!  My favorite color is Lover which is a pink berry color but all of them are pretty

Gold Bond Neck & Chest Firming Cream was recommended to me by my mother in-law.  I use it every morning and some nights.  Being a person that loves the sun I am starting to get some wrinkles on my chest area.  Ugh, sun damage at its best.  Surprisingly this cream has smoothed those wrinkles.  I was very skeptical because I have tried some other pricier creams and sadly they did not work.  Give this a try and for $10 you really can't go wrong!

Ok, ok, I splurged on a body scrub by ELEMIS!!!  Normally I make my own scrub with ground coffee and coconut oil and although I do love it I decided I wanted something a little more course.  This scrub was used on me while on my last cruise and I instantly fell in love with how it made my skin feel.  At first I thought "ouch this is rough", it actually hurt a little.  I had to tell the lady to take it easy BUT when I jumped in the shower my skin felt AMAAAAZING.  Not only did my skin feel soft but it was glowing for days!  I'm not sure where you can get this product but I always see it on my cruises and occasionally on QVC.    

Laura Mercier's almond coconut milk souffle screams summer!!  Every time I wear this I get tons of compliments, mind you I only wear the lotion nothing else.  If you love coconut scents then this is a must.  I took this with me on my last cruise and left my perfume home.  You really don't need to wear any other fragrances when wearing this.  It is long lasting and it makes your skin feel silky smooth.    

This is an oldie but a goodie - Vaseline Intensive Care Oil!  I've used this for years!  This is another product that leaves your skin glowing without leaving you oily.  I love to apply this right after my shower while my skin is still damp.  

I promised myself not to buy anymore perfumes until I finish some of my older ones.  Well not only did I finish 1 but 3 perfumes - ha ha.  Nashi Blossom by Jo Malone is fresh and crisp.  This is right up there with all of my favorite summer fragrances.  This is a limited Edition so if you can still get your hands on it definitely do so.  You won't regret it - I promise!

Lastly, a fashion item!!  Yes, they are pricey.  Yes, I'm sure you can get a cheaper alternative else where.  Trust me I've heard it all!!  Still love my Tieks tho!  I will admit tho, at first they weren't as comfy, they do require some break in time but trust me once they do it will feel like you're walking on clouds.    

What are your current favorites?  Share them with me!

As usual, THANK YOU for taking the time to stop by.  Have a great day!


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