Saturday, July 28, 2018

Vacation Over

Annnnd just like that vacation is over!!!  Ugh, why can't these days go by slowly?  More like a slow work week!  WHY?

Vacation was nice, it was everything we wanted it to be - quiet and relaxing.  As I mentioned in my previous post we weren't looking to "turn up", we simply wanted some quiet time.  I didn't take many pictures, I wanted to enjoy the moment, BE IN THE MOMENT.  My phone spent a lot of time in the safe which is SURPRISING!  If you know me you know I always have my phone in my hand whether it is on or off is a whole other topic lol but its in my hand regardless.  We often miss important details because our nose is buried in our phone, social media rules most of us sadly.  This time around was different tho and it was nice.  We slept a lot, we "worked out", I focused on my mental and spiritual self.  I wrote in my journal almost every night, I colored, meditated I went to the spa multiple times, I took care of my body.  It felt good, no it felt GREAT, AMAZING, WONDERFUL!!!  I did not have anxiety at all, I was super relaxed both mentally and physically.  Why don't I do this at home?  Because life - that's why.

 I promised myself to bring some of that self care home and just pick a day when I do it - a ME DAY.  I used to have this day as a teen all the way into my 20's then it stopped, not completely but yeah, it stopped.

As I mentioned I really didn't take pictures but I posted some on my Instagram - go follow if you aren't already so that you can keep up with me.

As usual thank you for reading       

labradorite crystal and a new journal

meditation literally on the ocean AMAZING!

his daily walk

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