Saturday, January 13, 2018

Louis Vuitton Agenda

Hello lovelies!!!

Today I received the last of my item's for my agenda and while taking out the old and inserting the new I decided to write about it - review.

I purchased my agenda (Louis Vuitton small ring agenda) October 2016 from Fashionphile and I  started to use it January 2017.  I have several LV canvas items in both damier ebene and monogram print but this agenda is my first epi leather item and well I'm not completely impressed with it.  In my opinion this type of leather feels like CHEAP plastic.  Epi leather is pricier than the canvas monogram and ebene print so I really was not expecting for it to feel "cheap".  Also, I hear epi tends to peel but I've taken good care of my agenda so as of now I have not had that issue.  The size is perfect for carrying around daily (my wallet is bigger), I use it as a wallet some times.  This fits in my smaller purses perfectly!  Now, since it is very small that means the inserts are small as well so if you love to write a ton then this is where you may have some limitations.  I love to write a ton so I had difficulties adjusting at first but I made it work for me by buying extra inserts.  I use the monthly view insert for bills only and the weekly to write appointments, to do lists etc. 

Overall, I have been enjoying this planner!  Like I said its small and easy to carry around.  Very practical, for me at least but I must say I do miss the versatility of a bigger agenda.  The writing space and the ability to use stickers to make it pretty.  Prior to buying this agenda I was an Erin Condren girl, major difference between the two.  I currently have 2 LV agendas on my wishlist.  I'm torn between buying the medium size LV agenda in the monogram print but then I have to consider weight when carrying around in my purse.  Also, I've been considering selling my agenda and buying another small one but getting either the mono or damier ebene print.  Decisions decisions.

Thank you so much for reading.  Below you'll find pictures with links in case you're interested 

girl boss dashboard and notes from Etsy seller TheFabulousPlanner

silver and black iridescent top dividers and dashboard from Etsy seller MintedSugar

3.94 x 5.51 inches (Length x Height) 
Louis Vuitton planner charm from Etsy seller LoveYouMoreStore but it's SOLD OUT

mini pen from Amazon.  It is a Zebra Mini Ballpoint Pen

Kate Spade bow paper clip from Amazon

inserts both monthly and weekly from Etsy seller PaperCalling

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