Thursday, August 3, 2017

Vacation 2017

**pictures taken by me**
So, a couple of weeks ago I went on a much needed vacation.  This year we decided on a cruise and it was tons of fun.  We decided to cruise with Carnival (Sunshine) which embarked out of Manhattan.  There's always something do, there's always a party somewhere, you can go to the spa and get a massage or 2 or 3 like I did lol, there's always a show, games or some type of entertainment some where on the ship (my favorite was the comedy show).  Trust me, if you're bored its because you choose to be. 

Do your research upon choosing a cruise line, each one is different.  Carnival (in my opinion) gears towards families and yes I have to say it is a party boat, great for the younger crowd.  Other cruise lines do not offer as much entertainment (they're fun nonetheless) and are not as kid friendly so keep that in mind.

Also, cruises offer so much that not many people are aware of.  Did you know that on the first night of embarkation if you reserve with the steak house you get a complimentary bottle of wine, red or white.  Yasssss gurrrrrl!!!  I mean who doesn't love a free bottle of liquor.

If you're celebrating an occasion let them know.  Your room steward may leave you a nice surprise. 

I will assume not many people know or take advantage of Sea Day Brunch.  We never had breakfast at the buffet.  On port days we ordered room service and during sea days we had sea day brunch.  We usually woke up late and headed to the dinning room and had a nice sit down, quiet breakfast.  It was always empty which was nice, the lines at the buffet were cray cray.  I just don't have the patience for that.  The brunch menu was so good!  I of course had to order the French toast encrusted with cereal.  Hella sweet but hella yummy!

Here are my personal tips: 
1.  Luggage tags:  They sell them on amazon but I bought mine from the container store for $5.99.  I didn't go for anything fancy but it did the job.  I saw so many people just staple their luggage ticket onto their bag, I even saw someone wrap their ticket in a zip lock and hang it from their suitcase.  Not only is it messy looking but it is NOT secure. 

2.  Magnets:  I put a magnet on the wall near the door so that I can hang my lanyard and other odds and ends.  Oh, I also put a magnet in the bathroom for my shower cap, you can use it to hang your loofah or anything else you wish.  amazon

3.  Folding hamper:  I always travel with a hamper.  I mean you have to put your dirty clothes something where.  Again, just leaving my clothes around is NOT an option.  I pack my dirty clothes separately if I don't wash it while on vacay.  I bought mine at amazon.

**pic from amazon**

4.  Tuck your luggage underneath your bed.  Staterooms / cabins are small so the less you have in your way the better.  I prefer underneather the bed instead of leaving them out or stuffing them in the closet.

5.  Save room in your luggage by leaving out bulky towels, if you're comfortable using towels other than your own.  I personally do not use hotel towels so yes I packed my own but I left out my beach towel and used the pool towels provided to us.

6.  Do not buy motion sickness medications.  If you visit the clinic on board you'll get it for free.

7.  Clorax / Lysol wipes:  Yes I wiped everything in my room.  Handles, sink, toilet etc.  Not necessary but it's just something I do cause momma don't have time to get sick while on vacation.  amazon

8.  Towel buddies:  If you wish or if you have kids don't be afraid to let your steward know not to take the cute towel buddies away.  My steward took one and I was sad, yes the little girl in me was actually disappointed so I called him and asked him to please leave them all in my room and so he did.  He even repurposed them on the last night.  I decorated with them lol...

I'm going to end it here because I can write forever.  If you have any questions please ask!  I'm sure I left something out lol.  I provided links to everything I bought hopefully it helps you.

QUOTE:  Life is short and the world is wide - travel

Thank you for reading!!!!

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