Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ionized Iris

Hello Gorgeous!

When was the last time I made a "beauty" post lol?  It's been quite some time since I bought any makeup but this whole "metallic craze" sparked my interested.  I've purchased a few from different brands but decided to talk about this one:  Ionized Iris by MAC

It is a pretty pink / fuchsia color that shimmers violet but I'm not getting much of that metallic feel.  IMO it's all glitter, chunky glitter and if that's not your thing then you won't like this lipstick line.  When I think of metallic I think of a metal finish hence the name.  This applies sheer and in order to get a decent opaque color I had to keep reapplying.  I can honestly say that although it has chunky glitter I do not feel that gritty feeling that most glitter lipsticks have so that's a good thing but BEWARE.  Once the lipstick wears off it leaves a ton of glitter on your lips, not a good look. 

Overall, I do love the metallic look but sadly MAC won't be my choice of brand to go with on this one.  Sorry!

MAC describes this color as:  Bright fuchsia with multi-color pearl.  On me I see blue / violet pearl / glitter, on my lips but I do not see "multi-color pearl".  Keep in mind this lipstick may look different on your lips and I also did not apply this lipstick with a base or primer.  Hope this post helps you in deciding whether you want to purchase or not. 

Thank you for reading!!!

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