Wednesday, August 9, 2017


At the beginning of the year I made a post titled HAPPY 2017 letting you know that I decided to take up yoga and I recall me saying that I would give you an update on my journey.

Yes I still practice yoga but at home.  I did a 3 month trial at a studio near my home which I will not name because in no way do I want to make them seem negative because they're not.  I adored the people and the studio but the type of yoga they practice is completely different.  Definitely not the typical / traditional yoga we're familiar with.  They practice a Korean based yoga called Dahn Yoga, I left a link so that you can read more about it.  Upon searching for a yoga studio I was looking for convenience.  I wanted something that was near my home and work.  I originally wanted to practice yoga so that it can help with my anxiety and it did.  No, I did not do my research (shame on me), I thought yoga was just, ummmm, yoga if that makes any sense.

Upon finding the studio that sparked my interest I called and scheduled an appointment.  I fell in love with the place.  It was clean, everyone was so welcoming and until this day I remember how good the place smelled.  I later found out that amazing smell was Fabuloso but that's neither here or there right now LMFAO.  When I attended my first class I did enjoy it but it was nothing I was expecting.  To begin with classes started with light punches to my belly.  I found this very odd!!!  Then there was a lot of jumping around "letting loose".  I later did my research because I was confused, jumping and punching, in yoga, hmmmm lol.  I found out it was Dahn Yoga I was doing.  During my research I noticed there was or is controversy with this type of yoga.  IT'S ASSOCIATED WITH A CULT!  Allegedly!  WTF?!   

Needless to say no I did not renew my membership. Yes finding out about the cult thing did turn me off but my main reason for not continuing was because it was not the "traditional yoga" I was expecting.  It's personal preference so for me I do not like the type of yoga they practice.  I'm currently looking for a new studio to practice and I'm hoping to find a studio that practices Bikram (hot) yoga.  In the meantime I downloaded an app called Yoga Studio, I love it.  Its like having my personal studio right at home.  Not only does it have yoga but it offers meditation as well.  Since starting yoga my anxiety has been controlled which is a plus and I highly recommend it to everyone!!


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