Saturday, July 8, 2017

What Niche?

Hello friends,

So, lately I’ve really been thinking about this whole blogging thing.  Something I enjoy doing BUT haven’t had the chance to do to the capacity that I wish.  I have tons of excuses, like:  not having the right camera, school, work, life.  I simply do not have the time to sit behind a computer and write.  I’m trying to find it within myself to find the time though.  I really am!! 

I’ve been doing some research on how to have a successful blog and most say “find your niche and stick with that”.  According to some, not sticking to one thing translates to being messy.  I disagree but whatever!  What is my niche tho?  I’m into everything!  Do I have to stick to one thing – really?  Do readers not want to see a little bit of everything be it life, beauty, fashion, travel, photography etc.?

I recently purchased a new camera and now that school is over I definitely plan on using it for blogging.  I’m still learning how to use it but hopefully this new camera will be my motivation to blogging on a consistent basis.  I plan on blogging about whatever I find interesting, I refuse to limit myself.  I truly cannot stick to one thing, I’m an all over the place kinda gal.  A beautiful mess - ha ha!! 

Whatever context I choose to post I hope you all enjoy.   

Erika 💋

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