Monday, March 11, 2024

Life is Lifing

Hello Everyone!

I yet again, apologize for the inconsistency! As of lately I've been feeling very off, not like myself, not motivated or inspired. Health wise I've been going through it, I'm not energetic, I'm tired all the time, literally drained for no reason. I don't want to leave my home and to make matters worse I've been having complications with my fibroids. How many of you have fibroids? Seems like more and more women are getting them. Why? Is it our food? Environment? I know hormones plays a big part but there definitely has to be more going on. Depression has been playing a role in my lack of motivation too, it's literally kicking my ass. As for my job well that's another story, it's just not serving me like it once was, the energy / vibe is just off but hey the insurance is great lol and right now I'm putting that to great use. I'm just one cluster fuck of a mess. When I think I'm doing good I get smacked in the face with something to bring me back down. One minute I'm on the road to going on my glow up journey then I'm not. My head is just as all over the place as this post. I'm being very transparent here and probably saying too much but I know I'm not the only one that has been feeling the same way so I'm here to let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Life has been lifing and its been a rough one for us all. 

Well I'm going to end it here. I just wanted to come on really quick and give you an update. 

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