Saturday, September 16, 2023

Mini Lux Haul

Hola friends,

In my last post I mentioned that I went shopping in Madrid. I figured I'd share what I got because a few people asked. Let me just say

(I also mentioned this in my last post) if you're in Europe and most importantly if you financially can make sure you SHOP! If you're going to buy any designer items Europe is the place to do so for many reasons one being the prices are cheaper! I didn't realize how much more expensive things are here in the US. SHOCKED. I won't get into details about how much I paid, you can get on the UK sites and see for yourself...

A lot of people are over the LV Neverfull but I really wanted the azur print, its a bag I always wanted and in my opinion its the best bag when you have a lot to carry. I have it in the damier ebene print but the azur is just so pretty in the Spring and Summer, I actually have an outfit in mind with this bag for the fall. This bag is great for travel and work and it's very popular with the mommies. The Neverfull will always be a favorite of mine and for the price I couldn't leave it behind.

This is for my handbag obsessed gals/guys. What did I miss? While doing a little research I recently found out that you have to get on a waitlist for the LV Neverfull. Why😮?! Supposedly the monogram, damier ebene and azure neverfulls are sold out online but when I checked a few minutes ago it allowed me to add to cart and it gave me the checkout option. SO CONFUSED!

 Gucci headband - Gucci

Chanel sunglasses Chanel  

Louis Vuitton neverfull LV  

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