Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hospital Stay - Day 17

*waving hello from the hospital*

Yup, still here!  Yesterday was rough for both him and I.  I woke up excited because he was supposed to be discharged, I could not be happier!  I had plans to make sure he was ok and settled in first and foremost BUT I was looking forward to a nice / much needed bubble bath followed by some sleep in my comfy bed.  Unfortunately he was just in too much pain and discomfort.  I wish I could take all this agony away from him - I really do!  Throw it back into the universe and let it disappear somewhere.  He kept asking for pain medication which in turn leads to him sleeping the day away, no appetite which also leads to him feeling nauseous.  He just can't catch a break!!!

Hearing the nurse say he did not get cleared to go home just broke my heart.  Aaahhhh the disappointment!  The frustration!!!  I didn't let him see me but tears came to my eyes.  I just want to go home already, I want some alone time, ME TIME!!!  I miss going to work and just doing normal things like normal people.  Normal - whatever that really means.  Perhaps this is my normal, seems that way at least.  As frustrating and stressful as all this is if they say we have to spend another night here then hey, whatever it takes for him to feel better.  No one said it would be easy but I got this, we got this.  I'm clearly getting all my strength from somewhere so I'm gonna keep on doing what I do best - take care of him.

"you don't know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have"

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