Monday, January 23, 2017

39 and fabulous!!

Ooooh what a wonderful birthday I had!  I make 39 look good - don't I?  Ha ha ha!  It's been quite some time since I last spent a birthday in NYC.  I've gotten so used to spending my birthday in Puerto Rico, by the beach usually ending with a nice quiet dinner.  This year tho certain circumstances did not allow me to travel so home is where I stood.  The weather was good, rainy but not cold.  The Mr surprised me with a Broadway show (On Your Feet) and dinner at my favorite Cuban restaurant (Victor's Cafe).  The following morning my best friend surprised me, she stops by my house and literally rushed me to get dressed.  She left me no time to get pretty, I was so swollen, literally had that *I just woke up* look lol.  Next thing I know she drove me away.  She planned a brunch with some of my friends / coworkers!  It was such a nice gesture, I appreciate her so much!  I'm so grateful and blessed.  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday!  Let's see what 39 feels like...

Onto the pics....


bathroom pic

go see it if you haven''s so good

my favorite Cuban dish - white rice, black beans and skirt steak with a side of fried sweet plantains

egg flan


I look and feel lordy

mimosas and patron

THANK YOU for reading!!!!!

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