Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy 2017

Hello my beauties!! 

I hope 2017 has been nothing but blessings for you thus far, if it hasn't just know it'll get better - I PROMISE!!!!  Trust me...I know. 

 Finally a post after a quick scare.  Due to some carelessness on my part, I thought I lost my blog for good!  3 days later I'm back up and running *thank god*.  Although I do not post as often as I'd like my blog is my pride and joy!! 

As most of you know the new year means broken resolutions / promises.   Let me just name 2 most popular ones: diet and gym.   How many of us actually follow through??  Not me but I'm NOT going to lose hope HA HA HA.  My main focus for 2017 is to become a better me.  I'm focusing on my health, mind and spirit.  I'm going to try and focus on ME and not so much on everyone else's needs.  As my BFF, boo, my heart would say, "Erika has to do what Erika has to do to be happy", or something along those lines lol.  I will start doing things that'll make ME happy, be it, YouTube videos, more blogging, dance class, art, photography, etc.  

Anyways, in December I started YOGA and MEDITATION.  I love yoga so is definitely a work out tho!   Whomever said yoga was easy LIED.  Liiiieeeed I tell ya lmao!!!!  I was not expecting to be as sore as I was the next morning but it gets better the more I go.  I'm not sure if all schools / yoga studios do this but we must remove our shoes upon entering, then you're greeted with a great big warming hug.  The hugging part was weird and still is.  I usually do not like to be touched, especially by strangers.  Everyone's energy is so welcoming, everyone is so calm and friendly.  I felt sooooo out of place in the beginning.  Class usually starts with a warm up, then yoga followed by meditation and breathing exercises.  After class we meet for tea time where we chat and get to know each other.  There's always calming music playing and it always smells good, like incense I think.  The vibe in this place is simply amazing, I always leave feeling so refreshed and relaxed both mentally / physically.  

This is just the beginning but I hope to continue on this journey to becoming a better me.

 As usual thank you for reading.

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