Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Apologies for posting this so late...

October is a bitter sweet month for me.  I love all the Fall activities and weather but sad because its the month my mom passed away, still I managed to make the best of it.  This year October was good to us, we really tried to enjoy it.  I created a Fall Bucket List and it was such a gratifying feeling to check stuff off the list.  I definitely suggest everyone to do this, I'm already working on a Winter Bucket List.  Definitely look on Pinterest for ideas on how to create one.  I hope you are enjoying this season!  One last thing though — have you noticed that Christmas is being pushed / rushed?  WHY?  I remember when trees / houses were decorated after Thanksgiving!  Why am I seeing so many trees going up and so many houses all decked out with Christmas decor.  Lordy, I'm not ready!  Are you??

For those that know me know I decorate my home for the Fall.  Pumpkins galore but to be able to decorate the front of a house was absolutely something different for me.  I forgot to take pictures of the inside of my home but you can only imagine - pumpkins and more pumpkins every where including the bathroom.  It's like I have my very own little pumpkin patch - ha ha.  I'm pumpkin obsessed if you haven't noticed lol.  My home was the cutest on the block - just saying 😜

Pumkin patch, farms, hot apple cider, apple cider donuts, hayrides and pumpkin beer 😁

Fall activities wouldn't be complete without visiting a haunted house.  I've never been to one like this one.  It's interactive, I crawled multiple times, went down a slide, was put in a coffin, well you get the idea. It was tons of fun!!!  Just beware, if you don't like being yelled at or pushed then this isn't the place for you.  No pictures were allowed inside but definitely give this place a visit if you can.

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