Sunday, September 22, 2019


You've probably heard (read rather ha) me mention recently how I haven't been motived and that makeup really hasn't been my "thing" lately.  Lack of motivation and creativity I guess, maybe I just got bored with playing with the same ole things.  I rarely went out of my comfort zone so I just bought what I was familiar with.  Not sure what got into me this month but I really went in on trying new brands.  SKINCARE!  Maaaaan listen, fine lines are starting to come in and I'm NOT here for it.  NOPE, NOT ON THIS FACE!!!!  I've ALWAYS been into skin care but I'm really into it now, again trying new things and adding more to my regimen. 

1.  KKW BEAUTY CRÉME LIPSTICKS - I bought 2 of these and so far I love them.  They're super smooth, they glide on like butter yet pigmented, no skipping, very moisturizing.  They feel great on the lips.  The only con is the scent, smells very waxy, almost like crayons, not pleasant BUT I do 
have to say the scent does not linger.  I'm already working on another wishlist but so far the colors I have my eyes on are sold out - go figure.

2.  Kylie Lip Kit - I've spent several years contemplating yet another liquid lipstick, I mean how many does one need?  Once these kits hit Ulta I put a few in my cart and put them back on the shelf before checking out.  Well I caved and got me one from ULTA.COM, let me just quickly add it was the first time I ordered through their site and shipping was really fast - IMPRESSED.  As for the lip kit I got shade BARE.  Its a pretty nudey pink and the consistency is not drying, doesn't feel heavy on the lips and it doesn't do this peeling thing that I've experienced with other liquid lipsticks.  Absolutely love this formula and the scent is sweet, like vanilla cake batter.  

3.  Tatcha (the ritual for radiant skin set) - Tatcha can be a little pricey and being that this brand is new to me, I'm basically starting from scratch, buying everything full size just isn't practical since I'm still in the "trying out" stage.  I'm not sure what it is but this whole line agrees with my face and I've seen improvements so far.  Definitely recommend this line.  This brand is more on the natural side so if that's something you're looking for definitely give them a try but I say start with the kits and see what works and what doesn't.  

4.  KKW Liquid Concealer - Full coverage I bought shade 5 which is light medium with warm undertones.  Under my eyes its brightening yet covers and it blends well, it's a creamy formula, did not crease on me. Make sure you moisturize well before applying.  Definitely keeping this in my stash.  On my blemishes its too light so I may not use this for that purpose, the shade I need for my blemishes is sold out.  

5.  Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - This is extremely popular and a favorite amongst the beauty community.  I've been stuck for years on the same old concealer by MAC so I was a little skeptical but I don't regret my purchase.  Full coverage, creamy this one creased a little before I even was able to set it w/ powder but overall it is a great product.  I got light-medium described as light-medium skin with neutral undertones.  It isn't as brightening as the KKW conceler but it did brighten.  Another great product I'm enjoying!  Oh, and this color did a little better with my blemishes, still a little lighter than I'd like for that purpose but I can get away with using it.

6.  Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation - I was on the hunt for a new foundation since my Fenty one went unused for a while and it was reaching its expiration so I discarded it and decided to start fresh.  After much research I decided to give this a try.  I got shade 6 Neutral and its a perfect match for me.  It is long lasting I wore this on a hot day and I sweated my booty off and this stayed put every where except my nose area!  I'd say this is a medium to full coverage, blends well and although it lasted and loved how it made my skin look it did this weird thing around my nose area.  Pores looked obvious (near my nose) and the product moved and gathered around my nostrils it also settled in one of my laugh lines and made it obvious.  Again it was hot and I sweated and having oily skin just made it worse so I'm gonna wait till it gets a little chilly so that I can decided whether I love or hate this product.  Definitely undecided right now.  

wearing Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and concealer
7.  Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 - I admit I bought this lipstick because of the packaging I mean this whole line will suck you in only because of the packaging.  Also people seemed to love these lipsticks.  These lipsticks are refillable / interchangeable, they detach and you can either buy the same shade or any other shade from the line to put in your favorite tube.  I bought shade Glowing Jen (after Jennifer Aniston) which is described as a soft rose.  Eeeeh not my favorite and this is the most popular color in this collection.  I admit had I not thrown out the box I would have returned it.  I mean its a pretty Fall color but I'm not loving it.  Of course this isn't cheap so I'll make it work lol.  

I'm really enjoying playing with new products.  Sometimes sticking to the same old stuff puts you in a rut so I encourage you to go out and give new things a try, you'll be amazed at what's out there. 


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