Sunday, February 10, 2019

Gift Guide For Her - VALENTINE

Valentine's Day is quickly creeping up on us - 4 more days!  Yes we've all heard it before:  love and appreciation should be shown every day blah blah blah.  TRUE!  I agree BUT there's something about Valentine's Day that makes it a little special so why not just celebrate love that day and make it extra magical / special.  

Below I've included a gift guide, I included products that I personally would love to receive or already have.   

1.  Rose Quartz Face Roller - Nothing screams love more than a Rose Quartz.  This is the stone of love, self love, self care, unconditional love, healing among other things.  This is the gift that keeps on giving, not only are you giving a stone of love but this face roller is great for every day use.  Face rollers are great for increasing blood circulation, draining the lymphatic system and decreasing puffiness.  I personally stick my face roller in the refridgerator for a few minutes.  The cold helps with puffiness especially around the eyes.

2.  Rose Quartz Crystal - As you may already know if you follow my social media I am obsessed with crystals so no surprise that I would include another Rose Quartz.  If you or your significant other are not into the face roller OR if they / you already own one why not just get the crystal, a heart shaped one.  I keep a RQ crystal in my living room and bedroom.  Here is a little tip for yourself or your SO on V-Day:  Run a bubble bath, add an essential oil of your choice, light some candles, add rose petals and surround your self with crystals and play some soothing music.  I've even add them in the water.  

3.  Robe - Yes a robe!  I mean you'll need a robe after that sexy bath - duh.  HA HA!  I love a nice silky, luxurious robe.  A silky robe will make you feel sexy, I least I do 😉

4.  Candles - Nothing sets a mood like candles, I love a scented candle but if that's not your nothing skip the scented ones and go for a plain candle.  Just make sure you have candles to create that sexy ambiance.  

5.  Bath / Spa set - I'm still in the bath LOL.  But this set right here is my favorite!  I love the almond coconut scent but they have other scents.  This leaves my skin feeling so smooth and the scent last all day.  Definitely a favorite of mine!!

6.  Jewelry - Pandora charms are my favorite so receiving one to add to my collection would be perfect.  Pandora offers so many different charms, bracelets, earrings etc etc.  

7.  Perfume - Perfumes are tricky and a very personal gift - choose wisely.  This Carolina Herrera perfume screams sexy, feminine, bad ass to me but the bottle itself is CUTE!    

8.  Chocolate - Aaahh who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries, especially on V-Day.  Either to indulge alone or feed them to that lucky someone *wink*

9.  Flowers - I personally love red roses but any flower will do.  Make it extra special and splurge on flowers that will last.  Expensive yes, but so worth it.  Just think of all those flowers you either received or given only to have them die days later.  These will last you a long time.  

10.  Cozy Slippers - Slippers are great especially after a long day.  This may not be your typical gift idea for V-Day but trust me she'll love them especially when given as part of a pampering gift set.  

I hope this was helpful to you and I hope you or your SO enjoy these items as much as I do.

Happy Valentine's Day 💋


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