Tuesday, February 26, 2019


This weekend did not go as planned!  Friday night I got a low grade fever and began to feel drained, Saturday I felt like shit, Sunday a trip to urgent care was needed.  THE FLU!  Yup!  Like how?!  I had taken the flu shot in October.  I'm not supposed to get sick - well not with the flu at least.  I just about freaked out when the doctor said "no work for 5 days".  WHAT?!  NAH!  "Can I go to work earlier if I feel better?"  Doctor, "NO, you'll still be highly contagious.  Take the antiviral and just rest".  I clearly was not happy but then I thought, things happen for a reason.  Maybe I just need to stay in bed and do nothing which has not been easy for me.  I sit on my bed and look around and find a reason to get up.  Very frustrating for the Mr whom has found him self yelling "stay in bed" lol.  So yeah, I'm trying to "stay in bed" and recover.  Its funny how much this flu has kicked my ass yet I still have it in me to want to get up and do something, I mean my entire body aches yet I'm like, the dishes, the laundry etc etc.  Anyways, on Friday before I crashed I managed to record a youtube video.  I haven't done it for about 2 years and I want to get back into it.  This weekend I planned on filming my first clean with me video but we see how that went.  Oh well, maybe next weekend.  As for now cleaning and laundry are not on my to do list, recovery is.

in the meantime check out my awkward video...

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