Sunday, August 27, 2017

Pumpkin Obsessed


Is anyone else as excited about Fall as I am??  Yes I know we're still in August but I could not resist purchasing these beautiful pumpkins.  I probably would have bought more but I was getting the side eye from the husband so I stopped at 7 ha ha.  Last year I decided to buy some Fall decor around mid September and the shelves were cleaned out.  I mean there were things but nothing that caught my eye.  This year I was determined to get my hands on some goodies and I did.

Inadvertently my color schemed turned out to be cream and orange.  Looks good in a neutral way but I think sometime in September I'll put my orange curtains on to give the room some warmth.  I'm not done decorating, I still have to get some stuff out of storage but being that its August what I have going on right now looks pretty good.  I have a Fall look with out it screaming full on Fall.  Make sense?  Maybe not lol!


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