Nordstrom Sale 2019

Sooooo, it's that time of year again #nsale.  Anyone excited?  Bought anything?  Please share!!!

*please note some items are sold out - sorry
1.  Barefoot Dreams blanket - for the mister since I loved mine so much I got him one (I haven't received it - backorder)
2.  Nordstrom Regular Fit Tees - because he can never have enough white tees, they're so soft too
3.  Converse Chuck Taylor - not part of the sale but I've always wanted them so I caved
4.  Steve Madden Feather Studded Loafer - so cute but I haven't received - backorder
5.  North Face Waterproof Jacket - he wanted another rain jacket and the price was great
6.  SPANK Biker Shorts - camo print biker shorts with support, can't go wrong with that
7.  Barefoot Dreams Throw - FINALLY and I'm in love and YES I'm ready for another I regret not getting 2.  I think this black and grey color is exclusive to Nordies because they don't carry it on the Barefoot Dreams site (yet)

Usually this sale is one that both me AND the hubs look forward too.  Most sales consist of older, off season items but not the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY sale.  This sale consists of mainly new fall items, some stuff are repeats but they're timeless basics.  This year was a little different, the hubs usually has better luck than me finding items but this year it was the complete opposite.  I found items for me and not so much for him.  Also, there was so much confusion, so many people bought items to find out days later they were sold out, some went to pick up their items to find out then that not all of their items were ready for pickup, some were cancelled off their order with no notification. NO BUENO NORDIES SMH.  I was one of the lucky ones that had early access so I was able to get some of the items I really wanted, like my BAREFOOT DREAMS blanket.  Gosh, I've had my eye on this blanket for the last few years but I couldn't justify spending $180 for it.  When this sale rolls around this blanket ALWAYS sells out.  This year I waited for the date and exact time of the sale and I quickly checked out!  I still have a ton on my wishlist but for now I have no plans to buy anything BUT that can change, if it does I will let you know.  


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