I forgot how much I love LUSH, its been so long since I last bought anything for myself.  Recently I bought some items for my niece whom is LUSH obsessed and I decided to buy some stuff for myself.  I've been having skin issues lately and decided to go back to the OG stuff since none of the newer stuff has been helping.  Along with some oldies I also bought some newbies...  

This was a favorite of mine and I'm really not sure why I stopped buying it.  This makes my skin feel so soft and the ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds exfoliate my skin leaving it soft.  Its exfoliators are not rough or irritating to the skin.  Also, upon application you can feel tingles from the peppermint.  Scent reminds me of my favorite ice cream - Chocolate Chip Mint from Baskin Robbins .  Oh, I forgot to mention that there is now 2 versions of this mask.  The original and this one, self preserving which means ALL of the ingredients are natural.  They use honey as the preservation ingredient which also means this mask doesn't "dry" like the original and the consistency is a little thinner / runnier and I find this one to be a little more moisturizing.  Both great tho its just personal preference.

Another oldie that I adored!  This contains ground almonds which gently exfoliate and kaolin clay sucks out impurities.  I do notice back in the day I used to find this a bit drying, not sure if anything changed but it did not leave me dry at all.  It left my skin feeling so soft and clean.  The scent is light and earthy.  The only con I have with this is that its messy, you're supposed to put some in your hand then add a little water until you get a pasty consistency.  In the mist of creating this paste I tend to lose some, it doesn't dissolve easily so chunks tend to fall out my hand and down the drain so take note of that.


I usually make my own lip scrubs at home but I decided to give this a try.  Scent is very bubble gummy with a hint of fake perfume.  Eeeeeh not my favorite!  It's supposed to be all natural and edible, you lick this off your lips but the taste is "fake" so I take it off with a napkin.  I don't get why I'm getting that fake / artificial smell and taste.  Perhaps its the jojoba oil.  The scrub itself works great, it leaves my lips so so soft.  I just wish it tasted and smelled better.  Maybe I'll give another flavor a try and see if its any better. 

Another new product for me.  This smells so pepperminty and you can feel the mint on your body too.  This would be perfect for summer or after a workout because of its cooling effects.  As per the site this contains:  peppermint, spearmint, rosemary and sage while Epsom and sea salts slough away rough, flaky skin.  So far I'm loving this I especially love that its not oily like other scrubs so I don't worry about having to clean the tub after my shower.  My sales associate said he had used this and the boiler stopped working so imagine that cold cooling effect from the mint mixed with cold water.  Yeah, he froze lol so he warned me and in turn I'm warning you ❄❅❆


Bring back 5 empty, clean black LUSH pots to your local shop for recycling and get a Fresh Face Mask, FREE!


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