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Being that today is Sunday I wanted to share what I like to do on most Sundays.  I don’t get to do it every Sunday but I do try my very best to squeeze it in when possible.
I like to make Sunday my rest / pamper day so I’ll try to sleep in a little late, if I can’t sleep then I’m usually on my phone looking through emails, l look at all of my social media, check emails etc.  I like to put my phone on airplane mode so that no one bothers me?  Is that bad?  When it’s time to get up first thing I do is make coffee and or breakfast for the husband and I.  Then it’s back to relaxing, reading magazines, current book and blogs, if I have to clean then I’ll do a quick dusting / mopping if needed but I try to get most of my deep cleaning done on Saturdays.  My day usually is just relax mode a whole lot of doing nothing, maybe taking several naps throughout the day.
BODY:  As for pampering I wash my hair, shave I like to start Mondays feeling new and refreshed.  I also do whatever body and or facial treatments I need at the time such as a facial mask, a facial / body scrub, a warm bath consisting of either salts, bath bombs, oils and or bubbles.  I’ll list below.
MIND and SOUL:  They say Sundays belong to the lord, I won’t get religious because everyone has their own belief.  I attend church but not on Sundays anymore because Sunday’s are for ME.  Selfish maybe but I’ve started to do things that are going to help me and make me happy.  With that being said, as of the beginning of this year I’ve started to smudge (light sage) every week to remove any negative energy.  I do some basic yoga and I try to meditate as often as I can but with my busy schedule that’s not always possible but Sunday’s are no exception, no excuse I make it my business to fit it in no matter what I’m doing.    
That’s pretty much it for my Sundays.  Sunday’s to me are to relax, refresh, renew both physically and mentally.  What do you do on Sundays?  Do you have a day of the week that you focus on yourself? 


Dr. Teal's - I use this mainly before bed

Sex Bomb - My favorite!

The Comforter -  Another favorite, smells like bubble gum IMO

Coconut Oil - I use this for EVERYTHING!  Literally, if you don't know you must be living under a rock.  I like to slather this on after exfoliating my body

Flake Away  - Gentle on the skin and smells amazing

The Righteous - Again, this smells amazing and leaves my skin extremely moisturized

Super Mud Clearing Treatment - You will literally see the junk being sucked out your face!  My go to mask for sure

As for my facial moisturizer, that pretty much stays the same.  I stick with Kiehl's since it seems to work well for me.  I use everything for the serums to the eye/face moisturizer.  (eye cream not listed but its from the powerful wrinkle line)

This is just a quick peak at some of my favorite products at the moment, it changes from time to time but the important thing is to take care of your body.  Take time to focus on you!  After all, you only have 1 body!  

Thank you for reading!!



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