I Love NYC


OH NYC how I love thee!  

Doesn't matter what the weather or what time it is you can always count on finding a crowd.  NYC, the city that never sleeps!  Rain, snow storm or shine you will always find something to do!  Nothing keeps us New Yorkers indoors lol, not even on a state of emergency lol!  There's just something amazing about a rainy night in Manhattan that I love!  I can't quite pinpoint it but it just gives me such a great feeling and this theater view will never get old to me!

I eventually plan on moving out of NYC only because I'm ready for something slower paced but NYC will ALWAYS be home to me.  


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  1. I've lived in the south Bronx my entire life and I can honestly say I've only been to Manhatten like 2-3 times, it's a shame I know lol because so many things to see and it's very interesting over there.



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