Coconut Body Butter

So while standing at the pharmacy a couple of weeks I noticed this Palmer’s coconut lotion and I was quickly drawn to it.  I stepped off the line and gravitated to it.  I opened it and smelled it like I often do and it immediately reminded me of the Laura Mercier’s body butter.  Of course I bought it because besides it smelling good I’m just addicted to everything coconut!

First let’s begin with the obvious – the price.  Palmer’s lotion retails for $5.99 and the Laura Mercier’s body butter retails for $60.  In comparison the Palmer’s lotion is lighter in constancy and Laura Mercier’s is much richer and IMO lasts longer scent wise and on the body.  Both contain coconut oil and almond oil which I love.  Palmer's contains Manoi oil which I like as well - I see it as a bonus.  If you prefer a strong, long lasting, luxurious rich lotion / body butter definitely go with Laura Mercier.  Want something less expensive and lighter in consistency and scent but still has that yummy coconutty / almond oil scent, Palmer’s lotion is for you.  I personally love both!!  I tend to wear the Palmer’s lotion to bed; it’s my go to lotion on a daily basis. I save Laura Mercier for a special occasion or on those days that I’m not going to wear a perfume since the scent is strong enough to wear alone.  

If you get either one or both of these amazing lotions please let me know how you feel about them.  Thank you for reading!


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