What's in my travel makeup bag?

Hello my beautiful people!!

I know, I know, its been over a year since my last post - SORRY.  I won't make any false promises like I've done in the past and say that I'm gonna post more often because one never knows what tomorrow will bring.  

Anyways, I finally made a YouTube video about what I pack in my makeup travel bag.  The items you see in this video are usually what I take on any trip whether it is a weekend getaway or an actual vacation.  The only thing I might switch would be the palette.  If I'm not packing my Lorac Pro palette then most likely I'm taking my Urban Decay Naked 1 palette and I may also switch my brow pencil and take my Anastasia brow powder instead.  As far as body lotions, face moisturizer, makeup remover and my Clarisonic usually will get packed together in another pouch.  

If you have any questions / requests please free to contact me.

Hope you enjoy!!!! 

Glossy Kisses


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