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As some of you may know I love masks and scrubs.  I recently ran out of my hand scrub.  The one I was using was by BeautiControl.  Let's face it, most of these scrubs are on the pricey side.  I decided to make my own!!!  It's cheap and most of the ingredients we need to make a scrub are in our pantry.  Soooo let's get right to it...

I only used 4 simple ingredients:
  1. - Brown Sugar
  2. - White Sugar
  3. - Organic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil - great for the skin)
  4. - Vanilla extract for smell since I didn't have any scented essential oils
I placed everything in a plastic container since I don't have any glass jars which is where you should put the scrub in.  Since everything is natural (key word ALL NATURAL yay) you wouldn't want to leave this scrub unused for months since it will spoil.  This will make a great gift if you put the scrub in a cute mason jar or any cute glass jar and tie / decorate with a cute ribbon and label.  Sort of like this...

I mainly use this scrub on my hands to exfoliate and moisturize them but you can also use it on your body (beware of slippery tub afterwards) and on your lips.

There are tons of different ingredients for sugar / salt scrubs.  You can make it as wet (oily) or as dry as you'd like.  Me personally, I like a lot of oil, I feel like I need that "extra" moisturizing feeling lol.  It is all about personal preference.  Experiment until you find something that you absolutely love.  Aside from the slight olive oil scent I am really enjoying mine.  My next batch I plan on putting some vitamin E oil and a scented oil of my choice - not sure which one yet. 

My Sugar Scrub

Happy scrubbing :-)

Until next time...

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