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So it has been a while since my last post – sorry! So much personal stuff has happened and continues to happen, sadly not all good. <--- I feel like I've said this before! :-/

Sometimes it’s the small things that make me happy and inspire me to post. What made me happy enough to post today? Lipstick! Yup, just a silly but oh so pretty lipstick – ha I’m a weirdo. This winter I’ve been on a red lip kick. I wear it to work - morning, noon and night lol. Let’s face it a red lip is both classic and sexy. All you need is the right shade.

Anywho, MAC’s prior collections has not caught my attention but this new collection – MAC Shop / Cook did it for me.

It would be nice if I actually tell you which lipstick I’m talking about – right? Well its Runaway Red. It’s such a pretty blue red and the consistency is non-drying which I love (it’s a satin finish). Don’t get me wrong my number 1 red lipstick is still Ruby Woo but this one is right up there w/ it. If you love red lips def’ly go get this one if you still can.


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