New Hair

Hello Again! 2 posts in one day - not bad huh.

Today is Columbus Day and I have the day off, hubs unfortunatey doesn't. I decided to get my hair done. It was over due!

I straightened it. I like curls in the summer n straight in the winter. It's just easier for me to manage. God didn't bless me with my moms hair but one good thing is that it grows long super fast! I actually don't take good care of my hair like I should but it hasn't failed me yet!

I walk into the salon and 4 hours later they send me on my merry way!

The process:
• Chemically straighten
• Sit n wait then wash
• Apply color to cover greys. The dye only lasts several washes. It's better n non damaging for my hair
• Sit under the dryer while color penetrates
• Wash off n condition
• Apply rollers then sit under the dryer for an hour - my least favorite part
• Remover rollers then blow out

Seems like a lot - right? SMH!

Anywho - here are some pics!



I feel like a brand new woman! Its like night and day!!!

As usual - thanks for reading <3


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  1. looks nice....

  2. I am debating on doing one of those semi-permanent hair str8ining treatments like the brazillian or Japanese ones... Do you know anything about em?



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