Hello Beauties!

Let me just say I am feeling much better!

Anywho, sometime ago I tweeted about going to a couple of Duane Reades to purchase Milani's Easybrow pencil and being told it was recalled / discontinued so they couldn't sell it to me. Well, I contacted Milani and they confirmed that this product has NOT been recalled nor are they discontinuing. The only color that has been discontinued is black. We're not sure why Duane Reade gave me false info but they have their people on it.

Hope this helps anyone who feared that this product would no longer be sold! :)

I finally was able to buy the product a few days ago @ CVS. I got dark brown and it's a good match for me. I mainly use eyeshadow to fill my brows but lately I've been applying my makeup on the train so a pencil is easier when "on the go". I briefly tried it and so far so good. It's long lasting, it didn't smear on my oily face and it applies like butter. I love that it has a brush on the other end of the pencil and it's water resistant. After much research I'm glad I went with Milani's Easybrow pencil.

Have a great day and thank you for reading!



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  1. Duane Reade took them away from me too and I tried several in one day!



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