Hello Beauties! Hope everyone survived what mother nature threw at us last week!

Last Friday I went to Walgreens to buy some stuff. I walked to the makeup section as I often do. I spotted this baby sitting all by herself! From what I hear Walgreens isn't carrying the Milani line anymore. Anywho, one of my all time favorite blushes is Milani's Luminous blush. I grabbed Luminoso thinking it's an "updated" baked version of Luminous. It isn't, it's gorgeous nonetheless but different!

Luminoso is obviously baked. It's a peachy color with subtle gold shimmer that delivers a glow to your cheeks. In the packaging it has some gold flecks but it really doesn't transfer onto your cheeks. Luminous on the other hand is on the pink side with a ton of gold shimmer that is obvious on your cheeks. It's often compared to NARS Orgasm. So far I'm loving Luminoso! Then again I'm a sucker for peachy / coral blushes lol! Milani has yet to disappoint with their blushes!

Here are a few pictures...

I really don't care for the new packaging!

Luminoso on the left - Luminous on the right (with flash)

No flash

Luminous on the left - Luminoso on the right (no flash)

With flash. Looks washed out, can't see the gold shimmer

This all for now! Thanks for reading! <3


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