Lovestruck by Vera Wang

Hello lovelies!

I first heard of this perfume on YouTube and I've been Googling it ever since.  Apparently I don't think it's released yet in the US.  #sad

I'm a sucker for perfume bottles.  I'm a sucker for a great smelling perfume - PERIOD!  Always have been! 

I haven't smelled this perfume yet but OMG how friggin cute is the bottle?!!!  Seriously!  I hear it smells like a more mature version of Princess and if that's the case I'll take 2 bottles!  Ha, well not 2 but you get the point.  Princess smells soooo good and if Lovestruck smells like it I'm already in love. 

Anyways, I don't have much info on this perfume yet except that on the site blog it says it'll be out by this summer.  Until then I'll patiently sit and wait!!!

“Lovestruck is about the emotion and rush you feel when you are falling in love and going for it… those heart-pounding moments of spontaneity!” –Vera Wang


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