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I recently tweeted about this and I wasn’t going to make a post about it but I’m sure there’s someone out there kicking themselves for not being able to get their hands on this lipstick.

Fashion’s Night Pout was ONLY available on Fashion’s Night Out 2010 @ Rag & Bone with a $50 donation. Yes, $50 for a Revlon lipstick but hey, it was for charity so that should justify it –right? I heard of it but really didn’t pay any mind to it. I didn’t give it a second thought, it was one of those eeehh whatever products IMO. Not sure what it was but everyone wanted this lipstick and it was almost impossible to track down. Well it “was” impossible to track down, I happened to literally bump into it @ Sear’s. Yes, Sear’s of all places!!! I hear some places have it now. It was the only one and I snatched it up!!!

Now, here’s my take…

Although it is a pretty nude and if you love nudes you’ll love this but really. What was the hype all about? This color can def’ly be duped (I’m thinking Myth, VG Gaga 2 and Soft Nude). When I swatched this next to Revlon’s Soft Nude it was almost identical. That’s just my opinion tho! The colors are so alike you can hardly tell a difference except in certain lighting. The difference is Soft Nude is on the peachy side and Fashion’s Night Pout is on the Pink(ier) side and honestly on my lips you can’t tell the difference. Not even the packaging is different. Do I like it? Yes I def’ly do, I won’t lie, I love nudes but I just think that it is NOT a unique shade, def’ly not one to go crazy over.

Here are some pics…

Please tell me what you think...

(FNO on the left and Soft Nude on the right for all pics)

 Pic above is the only one that shows a slight difference

As usual, thanks for reading! 

Glossy Kisses *MWAHZ*


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