Sick Again...

Hopefully you're feeling much better than I am. This post isn't about anything beauty related but it's my blog so I get to post what I want - right? :-)

Anywho, I keep telling my friends I'm getting old and I'm falling apart. I seriously feel that way! It's like I'm always sick and with no reason!

Monday I experienced one of the worst pains ever. I thought:
1. It was gas pains so I popped two GAS-X pills. It didn't work!

2. I figured if I "TRY" to sleep it'll be gone by the morning. It def'ly wasn't gone and new it was time to make a trip to the ER.

After much testing and being on a bed for more than 10 hrs it was confirmed that I had Kidney Stones! I was having a FML moment! Currently I'm not in much pain but I feel sore. It does hurt when I cough n when I'm on a bumpy car ride but the pain is nothing like it was on Monday & Tuesday. In the meantime I'm focusing on getting better! I'm on antibiotics for some inflammation and I'm drinking tons of water!

Here are some unflattering pics of me in the hospital...

Only thing cute about this is that it's PINK

Not pretty at all! The docs n nurses kept poking me cause they said "I couldn't resist, your shirt says to poke you". It was funny at first but then it got annoying lol!

Well this is my not so pretty post!

Until next time!


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