My Take On Sally Hansen's Crackle Overcoat

1. Consistency is a bit watery
2. Quality is good for the price
3. Different choices of colors to choose from
4. Available @ drug stores

Now, what I had a bit of trouble with as you saw / will see on the video was the cap. I had trouble opening the polish because the cap (it wasn't the cap but the plastic wrapper instead) kept twisting. A lovely viewer commented on the video and said if I take off the plastic wrap I wouldn't have that twisting problem. Now, are you supposed to remove the plastic or not? Is it suppose to be part of the packaging? I'm confused! I tried to remove the plastic wrapper and it was difficult. I made the hubs do it for me. Now the polish looks plain. It doesn't have that crackle design on the cap to make it stand out from the rest of my regular polishes. I like it with the wrapper instead. I guess it's your choice on whether you want to remove it or not.

White crackle over Jesse's girl in JulieG

Overall, I like this crackle. The application is thin compared to Black Shatter but that's due to the watery consistency. I'm hoping that it dries up a bit with time. I tried applying a thicker coat and I found that the crackle isn't the best. I applied 1 thin coat and this was the result - not too bad. For the price I give this 2 thumbs up! I plan on purchasing more colors!!!



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