Me 4/11/11 & 4/12/11

I'm currently on the train and I decided to post some pics I so vainly took of myself @ work. It was and insanely slow day. Can you tell? I posted twice thus far lol.

Onto the pics...

Face is some what bare without looking dead (example: yesterday's face!)...

MSF Natural
My fav lip combo - Revlon Soft Nude l/s topped by Revlon Colorburst in Sunset Peach

All this was applied on the train this morn on my way to work.

Mwahz! Till next post!!!

Today is a new day 4/12/11

Decided to post today's face on this post! Same colored shirt, different shirt. Lol make sense? It's my work shirt n i have a ton of them! I did the same exact thing on my face except I went with a darker lip and added some brow powder to my upper lash line. Makes some what of a difference...


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